With Italyummy we want to make promote and export the Italian food and wine excellence of small shops and local businesses by focusing on products with a very short supply chain from all over Italy. On the site you will find both Italyummy brand products and products from other local authentic suppliers, almost exclusively family-run. We will ship your parcels in Italy and in most of the European countries to get the “Made in Italy” direct to your table.


Italyummy is aimed at all those who know how to appreciate the authenticity of the local product and who know how to recognize the added value and difference from the typical products found in supermarkets and other ecommerce sites. We strive to give the customers a 360-degree view about the history of the product and to give them the opportunity to experience the tradition and history of the products they buy, guiding them as well after the purchase in the various uses with different gastronomy.


Why should you choose Italyummy brand products?

Only products created on site with 100% made in Italy ingredients - Help us to support the survival and development of small local producers against larger corporations.

The added value that is created in the first links of the supply chains can ensure sufficient income for farmers and avoid the standardization of consumption with industrial products to the detriment of quality