Tomato Puree'

400g ITALYUMMY TOMATO PUREE with Only Tuscan ingredients, Gluten Free and with no Chemical Additives 

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Sweet and creamy, the Italyummy Tomato Puree made with 100% Tuscan Tomatoes is the most convenient way to use a tomato of absolute quality to prepare tasty sauces. It is immediately clear when opening the jar that we are opening a tomato sauce different from the usual ones on the market. The product presents itself with a very pleasant and delicate tomato aroma. And from the very first taste you immediately perceive the organoleptic qualities and the delicacy of the flavour, soft, velvety and never aggressive or languid. It is ideal for short cooking, in which it retains its bright red colour. Just heat it up to give creaminess to your egg, white meat, fish, vegetable-based recipes or to prepare quick pasta sauces. At the table, with its sweetness and its velvety texture it is a product that can never be missing in your kitchens.



100% Tuscan Tomato (origin: Tuscany - Italy).



Pour the tomato puree directly into the pan, letting it simmer, after which you can add the other ingredients according to the recipe you are going to make.

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