Bolognese ragu'

180g BOLOGNESE RAGU’ ITALYUMMY with 60% Beef Meat, Gluten Free and with no Chemical Additives 


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The Italyummy Ragù alla Bolognese is rich in lean beef and like all our ragùs it contains 60% of meat which makes it a very tasty product and obviously, much less liquid than the other ragù available on the market. It is a genuine product as no preservatives, dyes, additives, sweeteners or flavour enhancers are used. It is made respecting the traditional recipe starting from a base with extra virgin olive oil, onion and carrots, delicious tomato pulp to which the meat is added and left to cook slowly for hours. The Italyummy Bolognese sauce brings with it the authentic and true flavours of tradition and is a condiment capable of convincing on any occasion, a sauce with an intense and aromatic taste.



Beef Meat 60%, tomato pulp, onion, carrot, extra virgin olive oil, wine, salt, garlic, sugar, pepper.



Ragù alla Bolognese Italyummy is characterised by being very versatile and goes well with different types of pasta we recommend it with:


  • Casarecce Terra di Luce
  • Fusilli Terra di Luce
  • Pappardelle Terra di Luce
  • Tagliatelle Terra di Luce

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